Customer Testimonials

Ultimahub have the greatest appreciation for all of our customers and always do our utmost for each of them. We have had the pleasure of delivering our training solutions to multiple industries across the world. Here’s what a few of them had to say about us:

Karen S
Ultimahub were extremely focused from the very first contact. The consulting and planning was very well prepared. We will certainly be trying out more of their courses.
Ryan B
Very interesting course, great workshops too. Kept us all intrigued. Jason was excellent at working the room also. Impressive stuff!
Hiring Manager - Furniture
Great training. Trainers were prompt and went well above our expectations. I feel that it did its best to cover as many real life sales situations as possible and give options on how to proceed when encountering them. Really great for sales calls.
Steven M
Sales - I.T
Thanks so much Ultimahub for the great training! Most enjoyable! I have been using many of your tips and methods from the action plan already and am already reaping the rewards. See you at the next training!
Excellent results from the 2 day training. There were many eye opening moments which we will certainly now be making part of our daily sales process. Thanks
Founder - Insurance
AMAZING!!! Thoroughly enjoyed it as did our team. At first the price seemed a bit much however for the amount of effort and enthusiasm that Jason and his team put in we were more than happy with the results. The facilitators were engaging, very wise in their approach and extremely knowledgeable in sales issues that arise. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their company sales.
Manager - Technology
I have been to many sales presentations and workshops and in honesty I liked this one the most. Both instructors were very on the ball and kept people awake, thinking and learning throughout the 3 days which was impressive with such a large crowd. We have already been using their models and found them to be excellent. We all felt that we learnt not only sales skills to use in the workplace but in daily life also. Great course!
Grace P
Human Resources - Furniture
We enjoyed the course very much. The instructor made us all feel very comfortable and pushed us hard at the same time with the group activities. We learnt lots of useful information. I really enjoyed this workshop and would recommend others to do the same. It is a really big help.