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Sales Training / Business English / CEO
Jason loves working with people and his passion is in helping people to achieve maximum results. He prides himself in having ability to improve communication, sales, leadership, team collaboration and customer service. His focus with every task is to set systematic, achievable and actionable goals with logical thinking. Jason’s training preparation as well as it’s delivery is designed to ensure maximum absorption and goal attainment. Previous and current company clients include: Cisco, Heraeus, Marriott, Virtuos, Publicis Groupe, Want Want and Unilever.



Soft Skills Trainer / Train the Trainer

Jamie is a Learning and Development expert with extensive background in HR and Training Management. As well as being fluent in Chinese and DISC accredited, Jamie understands the importance of effective coordination of training projects between China and the Western world.

Through his training and workshops, Jamie bridges the cultural difference gap, adapting western training systems to the Chinese market and vice versa. Jamie’s training style reflects his personality and passion for learning; friendly but to the point. He focuses on creating a relaxed environment and one where trainees feel comfortable learning and putting into action what they have been shown in realistic scenarios.

david davila shanghai corporate trainer


Entrepreneur & Corporate Facilitator

David brings together energetic skills as a Corporate Trainer as well as fluency in English, Spanish & Mandarin.

Throughout his career, David continues to deliver training to management and teams of some of the world leading companies across a variety of industries. Clients include Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, HP, Roche, Marriot Group and others. David focuses on a variety of areas of career and personal development, leadership and management which he conducts throughout the world, frequently conducting sessions in the US, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Singapore. David is also the only Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner in China certified by the regional authority.

Dr Smith

Dr Smith

50 Year Experienced Business & Academic Professional

Professor Smith has over 50 years’ experience in global business and education. In 1975, he became CEO of Paragon Metals, Inc. (USA), a leader in the automotive components and aftermarket parts manufacturing segment of the automotive industry. The company?became a major importer of automotive parts from Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, China, Korea, Russia, England, and Colombia for the American automotive market. Paragon revenues now exceed half a billion USA Dollars. In 1999, he found Diversified Metals (USA), a company that provided OEM parts to industrial companies worldwide, including Kobayashi Metals, Kobe Steel, Sumitomo Metals, Fiat Division Fiat, Rolls Royce, George Fisher, Hyundai, Ford, and Toupee. DR. Smith retired from the corporate world in 2000, although he continued as Paragon’s senior international consultant for all of its operations in China, with seven manufacturing plants.



Business & Management Consultant

Michael is an alumnus of China Europe International Business School and Executive MBA holder. Originally graduated in bank management, Michael has near 20 years’ professional experience in banking, industry and consulting, specializing in strategy realization, general and commercial management, complex project and change management, risk analysis, financial analysis, finance and controlling, performance management and operations planning, as well as sales and marketing. By now, Michael has close to 17 years hands-on China experience.



Software & Consulting-Head Coach

Stephen has 30-years professional experience in healthcare, software and consulting, specializing in performance improvement and operational excellence. With experience in general and operations management, change management, start-up strategy, MNC’s in emerging markets, performance improvement, enterprise data strategy, data governance obtained at GE, PwC and Microsoft. He is also a trained Executive and Business Coach.

His core skills have been honed through the application of Six Sigma and LEAN management principles across Sales and marketing, operations and IT. Stephen is a strong believer in the human element and getting the best through people.

Jim Clark innogreat

Jim C - 金波

Creative Innovation Expert
Over 29 years of experience in Asia, and a firm grasp of Chinese language and culture, Jim is a well-respected facilitator, trainer, speaker and corporate simulation designer with a wide breadth of experience throughout Asia and North America. Originally hailing from Seattle WA, Jim moved to China in 1986 after graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Cross Cultural Communication. During his time in Asia, Jim has led seminars in more than twenty countries including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Australia. Read More

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Self Positioning of Mind & Body Facilitator

Prosper is an entrepreneur and business founder of an education consulting company.

Having already successfully run business in China for more than 10 years, he is an expert of body movements & expressions. Prosper has 25 years of focused training and teaching for many different kinds of martial arts and dance techniques to boost development. Prosper has expertise in using body language to enhance people’s charisma enabling them to project their ideal self-image to influence others by finding the perfect balance between mind, emotion and body. His work influences hundreds of people from individuals to corporations in a multitude of professional areas including functional body at work, stress management, public speaking, non-verbal skills and negotiation.

james-mctavish-corporate trainer qingdao


Senior Soft Skills Trainer

James is an internationally certified professional soft skills trainer. He is British but fluent in both Chinese and French.

James has more than 15 years internationally Business experience and has travelled to more than 20 countries to do Business. James has delivered training in 20+ cities in China. He focuses on Soft Skills and Communication training including Advanced Presentation Skills, Effective Cross-Cultural Communication and Negotiation Skills. Clients include: Cisco, IKEA, Bosch, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, Nestle, Evonik, Shangri-La hotel.He holds a Masters Degree in Marketing from a top-ranked French Business school as well as professional qualifications in teaching, training, international Marketing and International trade.



Coach & NLP Trainer NLP Trainer China NLP Society Professional Life Coach

Aaron has both received himself and delivers some of the finest NLP training in the market. He has supplemented those skills with deep study positive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, so that he can expertly intervene to create self-sustaining behavioral change.

Through written articles, workshops, and coaching he has helped individuals and teams accelerate their careers and leave the plateau in their performance and influence. And most imporantly he makes sure that you enjoy the process as you do it.

china marketing training shanghai


China Marketing Trainer

School Internet Marketing lecturer

Shanghai Baidu distinguished lecturer in Internet marketing Shanghai Jiao Tong University e-commerce teacher Antai School of management MBA Alumni Association Director Chinese Communist Youth League Central Committee YBC entrepreneurial mentor Chinese lecturer, Network building lecturer Mobile O2O community micro-marketing Mobile Internet connections ebook published author.

corporate trainer china singapore

C. J

Chief Consultant

C.J. is a Master Trainer in Leadership IQ for Asia, also accredited Belbin Team Role Facilitator and certified COA cross-culture consultant.

C.J. is a bilingual facilitator and consultant in English and Mandarin. He has conducted Mandarin training, coaching and consulting projects for audiences in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China. His diverse experience in different functional roles, from sales and marketing to human resources, to senior management, as well in different corporate cultures allows him to provide otherwise hidden insights to his clients. He has helped international companies achieve quantum improvements in performance in China and beyond.

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NLP Master Trainer
Management Trainer Psychology degree MBA / Australia Results-focused. With such diverse experiences and training, Daniel can move between and across styles to adapt to required needs. Examples. Focusing primarily on language and metaphors with some clients. With others, using physical activities, tasks and games.
Some clients wish to address specific issues, some on achieving a particular external result. Daniel will find the path to best achieve the result you require.


Certified Corporate Trainer
Bill has been involved in corporate training in sales, presentations, team building, negotiation and attitude change for over 23 years. Prior to co-founding the Transtech Consulting Group, Bill has worked as a management consulting for Dale Carnegie organization in Hong Kong. Bill is certified trainer for Solution Selling, Solution Selling for Managers, Major Account Selling, and Strategic Opportunity Management with SPI for 10 years. In addition, he is also certified with Microsoft, L’Oreal and Pepsi on their internal Sales Training programs and Power Based Selling. Bill currently conducts training in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.



Public Speaking & Communication

Leslie is a native New Yorker who has lived and worked in Asia for over 16 years. Leslie delivers his training using his clear American accent and Chinese lingual ability.

Throughout his career Leslie has carried out corporate training for many businesses focusing on corporate teams as well as 1:1 sessions for senior lawyers and executives, as well as holding regular workshops. He has developed his own results-oriented training approach and strategy which is well adapted to bridge the cultural bridge when it comes to public speaking. Courses: Presentations & Public Speaking, Cross-Cultural soft skills Leslie has an interactive and encouraging training style which promotes participation.

gestalt theory training


Communication & Language Facilitator

Robert has been a dedicated professional educator for over a decade. He combines his expertise as an educator and his passion for the social sciences to provide a fun, creative approach to engage in discovering and exploring effective, powerful techniques to strengthen awareness and capacity to communicate. Robert wants to help you build stronger connections in your personal and professional relationships and take more control over your life.

Join Robert on a journey that explores the processes that hold us back in life and the tools that empower us.

chinese teacher shanghai


Corporate Chinese Translator

Sally has many years of experience translating and teaching.

Sally’s roles have included international trade for multinational enterprises. In 2015 Sally received certification from the Chinese language teaching program based at the United Nation Institute for training and research in East China Normal university.

sales calls training shanghai


Telephone Sales Trainer
Simon has been outperforming competition, gaining new business and also ensuring the very best customer service for all his current clients for many years. He does all of this with incredible efficiency, all he needs is a phone. Simon is now sharing his many years of skill and extreme knowledge of telephone sales here in Shanghai. Utilizing his skills and combined knowledge Simon has developed an effective telephone formula which has proven to boost company sales figures. Simon delivers training as well as working with focused groups at their company location in some electrifying workshops.

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