Continually looking to the future

More than 10 years the Ultimahub team delivered their first training course to the customer service team of a large prestigious London bank. Following from then, the company grew leaps and bounds, servicing many multinational companies to delivering training courses worldwide.
In 2011 Ultimahub moved location to be based in Shanghai China where they now operate delivering their experience and unrivaled selection of bilingual courses throughout China and continually Worldwide.

  • 2006

    Ultimahub begin their business in London focusing on corporate training in Customer Service and Increasing Sales

  • 2010

    Ultimahub expanded it's reach and began training in European countries

  • 2011

    Ultimahub relocated to China to form a WFOE. Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

  • 2014

    Ultimahub expands their course offering also implementing NLP and psychology into training models

  • Today

    Ultimahub is now recognised among clients and all expert trainers in China as a strong force in all areas of corporate training