Company Overview

Corporate Trainers, Coaching, Training and Facilitation

Ultimahub are a Corporate Training Company based in Shanghai.

Utilizing unique and effective training and facilitation methods our trainers provide bilingual solutions both in China and overseas.

Training areas include:

Presentation, Sales,?Emotional Intelligence,?Management and Leadership, Teambuilding, Soft Skills, Business English and many other essential Soft Skill courses.

Ultimahub have established a strong reputation for providing corporate individuals and teams with key insights helping them to rise above the competition in today’s increasingly aggressive business climate.

We have achieved our resonating reputation due to the extensive research we carry out behind the scenes and before each course. As well as having over 50 years combined corporate training experience we have studied the science behind effective learning utilizing some of the most effective training methods including: psychology and communication theories, emotional intelligence, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and cognitive psychology.

We have studied the mountains of material which makes learning fun and memorable including the social, cognitive and behavioral traits behind the training and facilitation itself as well as implementing it into the office workplace environment.?We have combined and constructed bite sized effective and memorable modules which we deliver through creative means.

Science and psychology have identified that there are a series of mental processes that the human brain goes through when interacting in communication, management issues, sales and also working within teams.

Ultimahub have done our utmost to map these internal decision making processes into concise, manageable steps and tools that your staff can then use to better understand and empathize with future customers.

We are all born with natural communication, sales, managerial and customer service ability which we ultimately need to survive, some have skills better than others however they can always be learnt by all. As an example, if you are looking to improve your overall client base we would consult with you to initially assess your complete requirements, then establish the most effective ways to apply the science of sales and communication to then be implemented within your actual sales and customer service interactions with your customers. The results are often immediate: sales cycles become shorter, market penetration grows, and sales revenue rises exponentially.

Why Ultimahub?

We continue to help some of the world’s leading businesses to drive targeted revenue and profit growth by optimizing their focus and procedures. Often only small procedural changes that are required. The trick is finding which ones fit each individual.

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Why Are We Different?

Our clients continually tell us that we are unique. We believe this is for a variety of reasons:

  • Full customization
  • Industry specific training
  • Interactive activity based learning
  • Extensive innovative material
  • Utilises traditional and technological modalities
  • Experienced and expert facilitators
  • Proven results in delivering sales success

Ultimahub’s focus is always about our client and our goal is to make your business successful. We work with corporation CEO’s, HR and sales managers to drive improve performance upwards, aimed at delivering fast and tangible results. We do more than just deliver our knowledge and capabilities – we target ourselves on our attendees performance and progress.

Our vision is to ensure our clients achieve maximum sales performance levels. We show our attendees how to find and generate demand, win opportunities, growing pipelines, and track sales performance. The Ultimahub approach continues to achieve a faster and more successful pattern of sales improvement results.

At Ultima, we hold in the highest regard our customer and employee loyalty. We strive to give back to our communities wherever we can and aim to do so here in China which is why we often provide beenficial low cost public training workshops in Shanghai.

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