Learn the skills to become a Trusted Adviser and guider. Much better than being known as the great “selling rep” of your company

Call yourself a Key Account Manager or BDM if you wish, you’re still always a salesperson though in your clients eyes. Sales people with great products and services should not be selling. They should be guiding. Essential Traits:

  • Ability to holding the highest levels of strategic dialogue with executives
  • Ability to quickly exceed expectations in both performance and establishing client loyalty
  • Minify sales cycles and competitor threats
  • Decrease price pressure and increase company margin, profitability and customer retention
  • Display experience and know how to gain the optimum and widest access to cross selling opportunities

Ultimahub’s Trusted Adviser Sales Training

Ultima’s Trusted Advisor Training Program consists of a five-part structured framework. Incorporating skills and development techniques to become the trusted and preferred provider that you ultimately know you can be. Position yourself well with your key account managers. This Program helps participants to think, understand and excel in displaying the distinct behaviors of a trusted adviser. Self awareness is obviously key. Empty promises are worthless and will be the detriment of any selling opportunity. Instead assess where your client actually is and utilize your intelligence and sales ability to make them proud.

In our courses our attendees learn to have higher levels of awareness before opening their mouths in a sales situation. Effective questioning is key with our valued clients to establish their current and long-term objectives. Sales is NOT just about selling. Sales is NOT about having the chat. There are many guys who do just that and always fall by the wayside when the best deals approach them. Sales is about finding the ideal solution for any situation to benefit your customer. If you don’t have the solution then don’t make the sale. The last thing you want is a complaint which will damage all of your future sales. It will also ruin your morale moving forward for prospecting.
The best sales people have ethics, intelligence, empathy as well as speedy understanding of clients needs and a way to furnish those needs with a solution. To become a trusted adviser (same as a sales person however with a greater mindset) you have to better understand the needs and wants of your customer. This is what our training will help you to establish.

  • Use a common language, structure and framework in order to build trusted relationships. Become that valued contributor rather than the guy who is always trying to sell you something. Be “invited to the table” as the person in the know and in the picture.
  • Learn the communication skills to develop a deeper, more strategic dialogue with your client to realise their real needs
  • Persuasively and proactively make yourself and your team available as a continuous source of knowledge
  • Maintain a plan of action

This course content is ideal for experienced salespeople wanting to push themselves further. Also welcome are Sales Managers and Company Executives who wish to develop their sales teams more but feel they are limited in their own available hours to contribute fully to sales. Ultimahub will look after this for you if you wish however it would be great for you to attend the training so that we are all on the same page.

Available through 1 or 2 day classroom delivery, one-on-one coaching, or webinar; wide variety of support materials available also to solidify learning.

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