Insightful Selling – Knowledge is Power

Critical Issues Facing Sales Reps:

  • Differentiating and clarifying essential needs within your selling efforts
  • Integrating the use of your research and awareness within customer dialogues
  • Crafting your understanding into tailored insightful “sales filled” messages

Instantly sell more effectively using research and insight

When approaching a sale with initial insight, you will be in a stronger position in many ways. Obviously you will feel more in the driving seat of the situation, more importantly though you will also inadvertently create well deserved confidence within your prospect.

Ultimahub’s Selling with Insight courses and programs provide sellers with high level techniques which allow you to know when and where to leverage your time taken research into developing strategic dialogues with customers. View your sales through your prospects eyes to be able to think like a business executive in your client company and connect to their capabilities and resources. To be an effective seller requires the ability to identify potential grey areas in the customer’s thinking. They can provide insight however it is the salespersons job to establish the best solution and create real value for the customer. Our program develops this ability within your staff, differentiating you from your competition and enabling you to become the source of consultative knowledge.

Ultima’s Selling With Insight is a two to three day program that includes initial as well as pre and post course work.

The Ultimahub Selling With Insight Program will help your sales team members to:

  • Enable clients to validate, clarify, think through and re-frame their procedures in addressing business issues (challenges and opportunities) in order to reach their goals and objectives
  • Elevate yourself from the competition by bringing personal value to the client’s buying experience
  • Generate essential interest in the seller’s own capabilities and resources
  • Influence decision specifications to align to the seller’s unique competitive advantage

We are certain that if you are reading this and if it is of interest to you, that you will also find our other modules of great benefit also. We work by a customised module format whereby you can choose the modules we teach. Please feel free to browse through our website lists and courses to see which are of most benefit to you. Then contact us and we will guide you further. We look forward to hearing from you. A phone call is always best.

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