When ready to make the sale the negotiation skills come into full effect. Develop the skills to effectively negotiate

Our Negotiation Training will guide you through the skills required to effectively negotiate those win-win deals and strengthen long-term relationships within your clients

  • Increase the productiveness of negotiations with your clients
  • Learn the skills to quickly discover your client’s buying routine, terms and conditions
  • Build skills on triggering visions of value that your solution holds for your client
  • Trade information and feedback logically in order to retain control
  • Resolve pricing objections and resistance without conceding more than you wish to.
  • Gain a better understanding of procurement, drivers and strategy to work more effectively with potential purchasers

Ultimahub’s Consultative Sales and Negotiation Courses provide the process, skills, and tools to effectively negotiate and win deals. Thereby strengthening long-term relationships whilst avoiding cutting budget. We provide participants with the ideas for structuring the dialogue, framework and preparation to achieve those better closing scenarios, whilst also increasing skills and strategies of negotiation. As the client better visions through their own eyes the potential of their satisfied demands and needs and sees the benefits they will bring, sales individuals can continually learn and probe deeper to fully understand the client’s buying priorities and personal agenda. Once these needs are unveiled and understood the team member will be in a position to offer the most optimum win-win situation for both themselves and their customer.

  • Establish increasingly profitable client relationships
  • Work together with and inspire trust along with client loyalty
  • Sweep up those missed commissions traditionally left laying about
  • Avert and avoid being pressured to discount fees and commissions
  • Develop a common Negotiating Framework along with the necessary skills to prepare and lead those close and win negotiation dialogues through each and every stage of the sales process
  • Realise and fully understand the difference between selling and negotiating whilst working to maximize potential
  • Improve deflecting tactics of price resistance and objections
  • Creatively convert client requirements into needs
  • Learn to establish and maintain your position and value offering solution over and above your competitors

As with many of our sales training courses and workshops, communication and material content is highly customized as per your specific requirements, from new starters to experienced salespeople and even their managers.

Available through either a 1 or 2 day classroom delivery (Ultimahub taught or Train the Trainer workshops available), one-on-one coaching, includes a wide variety of relevant support materials to embed and sustain all material covered.

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