Consultative Selling Awareness paves a powerful path to a successful needs satisfying sale.

Critical Concerns That Affect Sales:

  • Enhancing sales call dynamics to increase productivity
  • Effective questioning to gain valuable relevant insight
  • Connecting customer needs influentially with ideal solutions
  • Overcoming objections and client buying resistance
  • Timely stage progression and deal closing

Ultima’s Consultative Selling Skills Help Sales People to Effectively Execute their Sales

Ultima’s Consultative Selling Training provides an in-depth insight into the critical structure elements of a sales call or customer meeting. This provides a tree of branch paths for you to practice and utilise as you develop successful, needs-based dialogues. The program equips participants with two “sales tree” tools, the Consultative Selling Framework and Ultima’s Six Essential Skills which will enable sales representatives of all levels to more effectively execute their sales conversations. The Consultative Selling Program provides sales staff with a reliable, repeatable strategy for accomplishing an effective sales negotiation. The Six Essential Skills propel and support the structure, empowering reps to leverage their technical excellence to display in depth product knowledge which will instill confidence in the prospect. Better understanding client needs through consultation and awareness will firmly close more deals.

  • Drastically improve sales call quality by introducing structured consistency and confidence to each call. Discover the ideal ways to prepare, structure and execute each pitch
  • Boost revenue and performance, increase new client close ratio, escalate business from existing client referrals
  • To build upon the critical attributes in your company that every sales rep has in common, communication. Add to this the consultative process and structure to deliver better interaction with clients and achieve the satisfaction of the “perfect” sales call
  • Develop rapport building skills to encourage clients to openly and honestly share challenges that they face in order that you can provide them with a well informed solution
  • Utilize effective questioning to effectively establish client needs and enable product provision that is both strategic as well as client focused
  • Confidently ask for repeat and referral business

All of Ultima’s sales training programs have content and which can be customised to any level to suit your individual specific requirements. All courses are therefore beneficial for all levels of salespeople from new starters to experienced sales managers and executive management levels

The course is available through either a 1 or a 2 day option of delivery. We can either train directly or as a Train-the-trainer workshop. Workbook, training and action plan will be provided as with all of our courses. We hope to have you join us soon.

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