Jamie Dixon

Jamie is a Learning and Development expert with extensive background in HR and Training Management. As well as being fluent in Chinese and DISC accredited, Jamie understands the importance of effective coordination of training projects between China and the Western world.Through his training and workshops, Jamie bridges the cultural difference gap, adapting western training systems to the Chinese market and vice versa.

Jamie’s training style reflects his personality and passion for learning; friendly but to the point. He focuses on creating a relaxed environment and one where trainees feel comfortable learning and putting into action what they have been shown in realistic scenarios.

Expertise 92%
Creativity 92%
Humour 95%
Impact 94%
Effective Management Training to boost productivity and development.
Everyone is different, this includes your customers and also your staff. Our strategic courses are designed to cater for differing personality typed as well as industry needs.
In any business, effective communication is key. We will provide a toolbox of knowledge to boost your teams.
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