Emotional Intelligence Training

emotional intelligence training shanghaiLearning Objectives

  • Recognise and effectively use emotional understanding to shape professional interactive responses
  • Pinpoint, manage and maintain emotional behaviour to impact office relationship situations
  • Infuse empathy to develop strong team player mindset and communication
  • Integrate emotional insights to better manage yourself and your staff
  • Utilise EQ insight to improve overall decision making


Expanding Emotionally Intelligent Personal Awareness

  • Identify and pinpoint emotions as well as their levels of intensity
  • Analyse emotions cognitively along with their physiological manifestations
  • Recognise emotional triggers to formulate emotionally intelligent strategies


Emotional Intelligent Engagement to attain and establish Impact

  • Identify the impact that our EQ has when building relationships
  • Utilise Emotionally Intelligent Rapport skills
  • Practice empathetic listening to build and maintain empathy


Demonstrate Emotionally Intelligent Stress Diversion and Resilience

  • Recognise stress as a set of controllable rules that have positive and/or limiting effects
  • Practice pro-active stress alleviation techniques to remain emotionally balanced
  • Define workplace resilience and understand it’s impact on team productivity

Emotional intelligence mind map

Healthy Conflict Resolve and Team Collaboration Using Emotional Intelligence

  • Recognise central roles in relationship maintenance and development to achieve discussion success
  • Identify emotionally intelligent strategies to develop healthy results from conflict
  • Demonstrate collaborative attitude in work through the application of Emotionally Intelligent actions

Bringing It All Together

Grasping the holistic understanding of Emotional Intelligence skills and tools to deal with complex situations and challenging opportunities.

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