David D

david davila shanghai corporate trainer
David brings together energetic skills as a Corporate Trainer as well as fluency in English, Spanish & Mandarin.

Throughout his career, David continues to deliver training to management and teams of some of the world leading companies across a variety of industries. Clients include Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Danone, HP, Roche, Marriot Group and others.
David focuses on a variety of areas of career and personal development, leadership and management which he conducts throughout the world, frequently conducting sessions in the US, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines and Singapore.

David is also the only Blue Ocean Strategy practitioner in China certified by the regional authority.

Expertise 92%
Creativity 92%
Humour 95%
Impact 94%
Effective Management Training to boost productivity and development.
Everyone is different, this includes your customers and also your staff. Our strategic courses are designed to cater for differing personality typed as well as industry needs.
In any business, effective communication is key. We will provide a toolbox of knowledge to boost your teams.
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