26 Jun 2018

Leadership Training Course – Taipei Taiwan

Leadership Training Course – Taipei Taiwan
Challenge: To provide a Management & Leadership Training Course with essential elements of Team Building and Communication Skills to better equip new team managers in China and overseas.

Course Modules:
Management vs Leadership
Leadership Style Modelling
Adapting to Environments
Inspiring others to Take Action
Leading Character Traits & Focus
Effective Delegation for Optimum Results
Overcoming Obstacles & Difficult Situations
How to Develop and Motivate High-Performance Teams
Initiating change & Navigating Challenges for enhanced results
New Skills Action Planning, Implementation & CPD

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
Initial consultation with the managers and HR team of our Taipei, Taiwan client revealed many points to take into consideration for the training program and delivery.
Attendees were to be coming from multiple locations across the world including China, Hong Kong and Taipei. There would also be attendees connecting remotely from Europe and the US.
Our challenge was therefore to construct the management and leadership training in such a way that the activities and role plays could be seamlessly carried out both online and offline.

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