21 Jun 2018

Breakfast Club

Do you strive to think through problems creatively? Are you the type of person who has the hunger to succeed and a vision for your future?


The ‘Breakfast Club’ is a place where innovative and imaginative people can come to sort through their own personal goals and issues. A place where you can take advice from others who have undergone similar situations or experienced success in the areas you strive to achieve in.


Our club has been created and shaped by five dedicated experts in the field of self development with a paramount wish to help others. Each of them have the knowledge and expertise to help you work through road blocks keeping you from achieving your goals.


The ‘Breakfast Club’ will meet at regular intervals from 8am-9:30am at a private and comfortable venue with a tasty and affordable breakfast. The setting will be very relaxed and provide an environment that makes everyone feel welcome. This is a chance for any and all to come and connect with others to share issues, goals and solutions using combined knowledge and experience. Together we will the uncover ways to manage beneficial change in our daily and working lives.

Everyone has plans. Everyone has goals. Everyone has struggles’. The point of ‘The Breakfast Club’ is to come together and approach everyone’s unique situation in a way that allows for the most productivity in your everyday life. Essentially advice on how to get out of life what you put into it.

Jason Hurley

Ultimahub CEO Corporate Trainer

Jason has been managing and training organizations for over 15 years. He graduated in 1999 with a Mathematics degree from the University Of Leeds before rapidly moving up the career ladder attaining positions as senior consultant, department manager and trainer for multinational institutions in the City of London.

In early 2011, he moved to China and formed Ultimahub Training Solutions which has been providing bespoke training solutions both in China and overseas to blue chip companies including: Cisco, Heraeus, Marriott, Virtuos, Publicis Groupe, Santander, Want Want China, Virtuos, Ekornes, Vivaki, Baxter, Bayer, Shanghai GM, EF, and many more.

Michael J. Rosenthal

Michael has been managing organizations for more than twenty years.?He?graduated from the American University Washington College of law,

clerked for two federal judges, served eight years as a Federal?Prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice (receiving an?Outstanding Attorney Award in 1993 and 1996), and as Minister of Justice??and Special Prosecutor for the Republic of Palau.

In early 2005,?Michael moved to China to serve as Asia Pacific CEO for Day Light Inc.,?USA, and has subsequently worked in a variety of industries including?environmental, education, human resources, fashion, retail,?health/beauty and media. He is the founder of US Green Solutions,?Imperial International Competitions, Business in Emerging Europe?(Bizinee) and the Greater Las Vegas / China Business Club.?Michael is a?highly rated professional trainer and business coach who has serviced?many international companies including Baxter, Bayer, Shanghai GM,?Johnson Controls, SAP, SAIC, Volvo and others. Michael has served four?years as Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai?Environmental Committee. He is also an actor/model who has appeared in?numerous movies, television shows and commercials, and produced/directed numerous promotional videos.


Yoky is a renowned “facilitator and Strengths Coach”. Famous for integrating an artist’s view and perception to coaching and learning. Yoky’s facilitating take her participants on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.

Yoky’s courses are ideal for all those who are looking for a clearer look through a unique perspective at their own life development and goal strategies. As well as using artistic angles, Yoky’s facilitating helps to build development clarity using essential self-coaching questions helping all attendees to grow and achieve stronger outcomes in their daily and working lives.

JooYoung Song

Jooyoung Song (South Korea), playwright and theatre artist based in LA and Seoul. She runs numerous theater workshops adapting Theater of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal. She has now moved to Shanghai and started a new journey integrating theatre techniques with life coaching to improve life quality of expats.


David is an advisor, mentor and speaker. He’s a US lawyer; he moved to Shanghai in 2003. David consults on legal, marketing, cultural issues required to successfully execute business strategy in China.

He combines professional skills acquired during 20-year US legal practice with management experience gained as business executive in China.

He trains lawyers; advises law firms on marketing, HR issues. He speaks, coaches on topics in personal development, business management.


June 27


Ichi Bakery – 33 Caoxi????North Road -Xuhui

Opposite Xujiahui Metro Station – Line 1 Exit 9

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