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As we all know city life can be stressful and we need to stay focused. Thankfully there are scientifically proven ways to upgrade our lives!

Daily meditation can help you to relax and become focused. We have also put together some fantastic Mindfulness Courses which we currently deliver in Shanghai.

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Brandon M

Brandon M

Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator
“Speaker & Meditation Teacher. Stress Management, Meditation Workshops, Mindful Leadership.”

Brandon is the head facilitator at the lifestyle improvement consultancy Shanghai Mindfulness, where he helps stressed out, overworked, and unbalanced people find inner peace and balance in their lives through meditation and positive habit building.

Brandon has over 10 years experience with meditation and its teachings including spending years in the mountains of Yunnan, learning and writing in order to share his insight with others. He now lives in Shanghai where his company Shanghai Mindfulness is able to help more people reduce stress, boost productivity, and decrease anxiety.

Expertise 92%
Creativity 92%
Humour 95%
Impact 94%

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About Our Courses:

We take a practical approach on Mindfulness by using the latest Scientific data and personal development tools.

The benefits of Mindfulness can be applied by everyone. Whether you’re a business person looking for a competitive edge, a student wanting to de-stress, or a parent of 3 needing more peace – we’ve got you covered!



After the first week of practicing you’ll notice you’re much more aware of your thoughts and are a more in control of your emotions. The second week you’ll begin to have deeper meditations and could experience some spiritual sensations. On the third week everything mentioned before will be occurring and you’ll start to have more energy. Fourth, the habit will begin to grow stronger and you’ll associate more pleasure to the practice, and the fifth week you’ll start to build up an “inner calm”. Which is unshakable and stays with you for a while. These are just a few of the benefits.


More Self Control. Better empathy, more focus, more creativity, less anxiety, stronger memory (short & longer term), better health (promotes blood circulation)

Scientific References: (Wikipedia) – The process of meditation, as well as its effects, is a growing subfield of neurological research. Modern scientific?techniques and instruments, such as fMRI and EEG, have been used to study how regular meditation affects individuals by measuring brain and bodily changes.

Course Outlines (General Overview):

1) Intro to Mindfulness

New to Mindfulness- Come see what it’s all about..

Here at Shanghai Mindfulness we take a practical approach on Mindfulness using Science and the latest personal development tools. In this hour you’ll expect, an introduction to Mindfulness, the Science behind Mindfulness, and frequently asked questions.

2) Workshops:

Increasing your Focus with Mindfulness

Manifesting more Creativity with Mindfulness

Increasing Productivity with Mindfulness

3) Mindfulness Based Corporate Training

Our MBCT workshops are highly customizable and tailored to your organizations needs & wants. Feel free to message us today with your desired outcome(s) through Mindfulness and we will deliver a sample outline and a quote for our services.

4) Mindful Coaching Services

We have a variety of highly skilled Mindful Coaches that are with you 7 days a week helping you increase your daily performance, overcome adversity, and cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

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Also feel free to try out some meditation media that I put together:

Meditation – Audio

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