26 Jun 2018

Sales Training Workshop

Unlike other planning processes that are based on consistent factors, sales planning is subject to continual change. In today’s global markets, driven by volatile demand and serviced by increasingly distended and complex networks, that change is accelerating. Getting a handle on it is a very tough nut to crack.

Prospecting: Ideas could come from anywhere. And any good sales funnel needs plenty of prospects. Where do they come from? How do they become a lead?


Lead Qualification: Make contact. You have a prospect on the hook, but what is his/her value? How do you qualify them and make a good first impression?

Engage: This is the stage where you must listen, understand, position your product based on the potential customer’s need, and then overcome any objections. Ultimately, it comes down to “what is the potential customer trying to achieve, improve, or avoid? And how are you going to connect your product/service to it?”


Action: Maximize the “yeses” and minimizing the “nos.” That said, no is not the worst-case scenario – indecision and lack of action can waste time and resources that you could focus instead on a prospect more likely to result in success.

Support: Service, Over-Deliver, and Grow. Great salespeople service their clients well, over-deliver on what they sold, and grow their relationships. It is much easier to re-sell and grow existing clients than it is to sell new ones. Go above and beyond and become a trusted advisor, and you will rarely lose a client.


Evaluate: The best salespeople are constantly evaluating their own performance. How did I do? What can I learn? And, the best sales organizations figure out how to organize that information and leverage it across their sales team.

Jason J. Hurley

Business Executive Coach / Trainer

Mobile: 86-18521384086

Shanghai, China

Jason has been managing and training organizations for over 15 years. He graduated in 1999 with a Mathematics degree from the University Of Leeds before rapidly moving up the career ladder attaining positions as senior consultant, department manager and trainer for multinational institutions in the City of London.


In early 2011, he moved to China and formed Ultimahub Training Solutions which has been providing bespoke training solutions both in China and overseas to blue chip companies including: Cisco, Heraeus, Marriott, Virtuos, Publicis Groupe, Santander, Want Want China, Virtuos, Ekornes, Vivaki, Baxter, Bayer, Shanghai GM, EF, Foreo and many more.

All training presented by Jason are customized to meet client’s demands relating to content, time and style. All courses are interactive with individual and group exercises, including role play, problem solving, questionnaires, videos, psychometric profiling and other relevant tools.

Jason Hurley, Ultimahub CEO, will be providing a one day, four-hour intensive training session on sales and the important skills and techniques that leads to being a successful salesperson. If interested, please scan the QR code at the bottom and sign up for the course! We hope to see you there.

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