26 Jun 2018

Connecting With Your True Self

Who am I? Who am I really?

It’s the question we often ask ourselves, and usually find difficult to answer with full and authentic honesty. Instead, we opt to conform: to do what we think is right and be the kind of person we believe will be most accepted by our peers. As I wrote about recently,?why we care about what other people think of us?goes back to the biology of our primal ancestors. Therefore, when someone tells you to disregard what others think and “just be yourself,” you are, in a way, working against an internal need to be liked and accepted by your peers.

The funny thing is, at heart you always are being yourself, but there are two common problems that get in the way of just being yourself?consciously.

One is impaired self-awareness and self-acceptance. Most of us don’t grow up with a clear sense of who we are because we’ve received false or negative or conflicting ideas about who we are from those around us, such as parents, siblings, teachers and schoolmates. It could be that you’re very bright, for example, but your older brother always called you stupid, and at some level your mind believes it, so you grow up neglecting your own intelligence.

A second problem is that we try to compensate for a poor or negative or uncertain sense of self by acting artificially to present what we imagine will be a better, clearer and more positive image to the world. A cover story. And if we ourselves start believing in this false image rather than simply being true to our own self, then things can get very confusing

So the way to just be yourself is to drop any act, get to really know yourself, look for your best natural qualities, and relax into simply being all that you already are. It takes quite some effort to be false, but just being yourself is effortless.

To be yourself or not to be yourself is basic ongoing conflict rooted deep down in each & every human leading to either evolution or involution on psychic & conscious scale.

To be yourself is to be in state of happiness, and the best way to achieve is self-observation.

Find out where your scattered attention gets pulled, unified and become stayed/persisted maintaining its concentration. Attention gets fascinated by your interest, which is core component of your stuff you brought with you along with birth functions like strong magnetic attraction.

Usually, either this magnet is in your emotions or in your thinking center. The best way to be yourself is right identification of this center, as life events get gathered around your dominant center. You can only be yourself, if you live through your dominant center.

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