26 Jun 2018

Building Team Motivation

What can?managers?do to motivate employees? The reality, when you talk about how to motivate employees, is that employees are motivated. The manager’s challenge is to figure out how to tap into that motivation?to accomplish work goals. Fortunately, the manager controls the key environmental factors necessary to motivate employees.

The most significant factor, that the manager controls, is his or her relationship with each employee. The second most important factor in a manager’s ability to motivate employees is creating a?work environment and organizational culture?that fosters employee motivation and engagement.

This work culture consists of an environment in which?employees are trusted, treated like the adults they are,?and not micromanaged. Employees are entrusted with the values, vision, mission, and strategic framework within which they are expected to accomplish their jobs.

They receive frequent communication, are treated with respect and civility, and have input to every facet of the work they are hired to produce. They are encouraged to speak up about what they believe when participating in solving a problem for their customer. They are further trusted by the organization with the most significant and critical financial information so they are not blindsided by business problems.

These are factors that help produce a work environment in which employees will choose motivation to accomplish the requirements of their work. Nothing is more powerful than a group of contributing, motivated employees. Trust this.

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