21 Jun 2018

Realities of Active Listening

Active listening takes many different forms. Customers, employees and management all want to feel as though their problems and instructions are being taken seriously. Without proper listening there can be no proper communication.

Whether you’re an employee or an employer, it’s important to be a leader in whatever role you play. An effective leader listens attentively to create trustworthy relationships that are transparent and breed loyalty.

Active listening is the communication technique that helps increases understanding and rapport between a speaker and a listener. Rather than passively listening to the person talking or not listening at all. This communication technique uses the core pattern of listening and by repeating the important message points it shows the speaker that the other person is truly paying attention to what they have to say.

Active listening is especially important in the sales world. That’s because prospects are often ignored or talked over. When sales people show that they value the prospect’s needs and opinions, it is far easier to build trust and ensures that the conversation results in a mutually- beneficial experience.

Focusing on the other person goes far to circumvent any misunderstanding before it has a chance to throw the sales cycle completely off track or foster irrevocable resentment between the salesperson and the prospect. This is not to say those seeking to “seal the deal” should close their ears or shut down their brains during other stages of the sales process.

Often a salesperson’s prospect will spontaneously offer useful information critical to identifying their wants and needs (and most importantly objections). A commonly-heard bit of sales advice is, “you have two ears and one mouth—you should be using them in proportion.” In other words, spend twice as much time listening as talking during a sales situation.

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