21 Jun 2018

Empowering Your Team

Team building has a bad rep. In most companies when the manager organizes a team building event, the employees immediately start to think of reruns of the “The Office”.

Sadly, watching a real life manager act in the same quirky and try-hard manner as Steve Carell just isn’t as entertaining.

Despite its rather lame reputation, team building is actually one of the most important investments a firm can make for its employees. It helps build trust between coworkers, mitigate conflict and encourages communication. Successful team building means more engaged employees which is great for the overall environment of the work place.

Developing problem solving skills it debatably one of the most ideal aspects of team building. Fostering close relationships with other employees encourages them to depend on each other and solve their problems by using each other’s advice and past experiences. For an employer, having employees that first attempt to solve problems among their co-workers before seeking help from higher-ups is very appealing.

After any sports team wins a major championship, they celebrate and have fun and the elation that comes with winning motivates them to try even harder. In many ways, success at a company is much alike one of these big wins. Team bonding encourages the “team” to work together towards a big win to be able to experience that same cheering and celebration. Strong team building encourages trust, productivity and creates relationships that make employees excited to come to work. Excitement and zeal from employers is the key to a successful firm.

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