30 Oct 2016

corporate trainers shanghai
As many sales people will agree, one of the most common objections that customers raise is with price. This is a hurdle that has to be overcome for a business transaction and co-operation to take place. It can be a time consuming and stressful negotiation if it carried out incorrectly.           A price negotiation is actually a very great ...

08 Oct 2016

sales client referrals
Often when selling we avoid asking for referrals because it may feel awkward. Sometimes we just don’t know how to ask. It is widely known that referrals provide the greatest sales leads as they are usually invited by an already happy customer, therefore it is worth overcoming your your phobia of this to start encouraging satisfied customers for accelerated sales growth.   ...

01 Oct 2016

soft skills shanghai
I think we can all agree that people will always need to develop new skills. We’ve all heard the old argument that the pace of change in the world is accelerating and blah blah blah, and we can’t deny it. And to keep up with this change people all around the world will always need to develop new skills. But a huge challenge organisations around the world face is being able to invest i...
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