13 Apr 2016

Plan and Prepare For Your Sales Call

Extensive research has shown that sales people never truly reach their ultimate performance potential without the use of a well defined sales call procedure. They need this in place to follow and build upon. Having the chat and “Winging it” works for some sales people some of the time. Often though it can have grim consequences, resulting in lost sales, extended sales cycles and profit margin erosion. If you continue to “wing it” then your whole sales career will be along the same lines, you will be holding onto your career by a thread.

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Performance can be significantly improved by as much as 50% when salespeople follow a consistent pattern and plan for their sales.

Often salespeople repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over without realizing it. They make these mistakes as they believe that they are adaptable to the needs of the sale and change quickly. In actual fact though they are repeating the same bad processes along with some changes that they gradually realise. As they are changing so many factors they are then unsure which areas lost them the sale.
Without a logical plan to follow it is hard to recognise specific problems, let alone rectify them. The optimum sales process mirrors patterns that the customers follow when make buying decisions. Ultimahub have modeled this process into nine specific acts. The “9 Essential Sales Call Rules” which effectively splits up the sales call into its most important elements, we have placed them in order of importance following the sequence of the top five buying decisions that many customers commonly make. Once we analyze each segment of a call and compare it to the buyers buying decisions we gradually see a picture emerging whereby the salespeople can quickly establish the issues within their sales process and adjust their behavior accordingly.

Without a system like this in place, the only option salespeople have is to look at whether they achieved or lost the sale. Without being fully aware of where we go wrong in the sale we are unable to correct and improve our performance.

Out In The Field

We implemented our structure with a leading architectural services company who were facing a common issue. They were finding it difficult to sell one of their intangible services as it was seen less of a necessity and as more of a luxury. Due to this their company was losing growth along with incoming clients and new business.

The HR department of their company instructed Ultimahub to deliver a 2-day onsite sales training workshop for their staff members. They wanted us to teach them our process and integrate it into their current process. We carried out the training followed by a few weekly afternoons of workshops.

Three months later we requested feedback. We were delighted with the results. Within just three months the CEO and General managers reported to us that they had seen a 20% growth in business. The HR and sales managers also commented on the huge benefits of the training with regard to the professionalism and confidence within the sales teams. These were all as a direct result of our 9 Step Sales Action program. Due to our continual reporting on each individual team member also, the sales manager now has a clear picture and understanding of each of the members strengths and weaknesses. This too has increased their focused approach and effectiveness.

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