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Ultimahub Effective Training Solutions deliver valuable tested content, focused customization, and expert facilitation to ensure we exceed your staff development needs.
Everyone is different, this includes your customers and also your staff. Our strategic courses are designed to cater for differing personality typed as well as industry needs.
Following training Ultimahub also work with our partner client companies to ensure continual development and growth. Our goals are focused on enhancing effectiveness for your existing staff as well as new staff members.

Sales Training Programs

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Consultative Selling Training

Consultative Selling Skills provides a powerful roadmap for a successful need-based dialogue.

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Max Performance Selling

Max Performance Selling drives results through optimum processes and strategic, effective communication skills.

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Sales Negotiation Training

Ultimahub’s Sales Negotiation Training helps develop the skills needed to negotiate win-win opportunities.

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Trusted Advisor Training

Ultimahub’s Trusted Advisor Training Program teaches the skills to develop a trusted, preferred provider.

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Sales Coaching Training

Sales Coaching Training
transforms the traditional role of a sales manager.

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Consultative Selling, Cold Calling, Negotiating skills.
Use Effective Sales Planning To Deliver Optimum Sales Productivity

Why choose Ultimahub?

China focused – Top Sales Training Company

Since 2011, we have helped hundreds of salespeople to improve their pipelines and revenue. Our taught skills have proven to deliver incredible gains in sales performance. Ultimahub has become recognized by industry experts and top worldwide businesses.

Customized training solutions, to suit your budget

Our course material is made up of many topic modules. Following consultation we are able to quickly and effectively construct the ideal package course for any audience with any sales training requirements.


We take a broad, holistic approach to training. Following initial consultation, we plan and deliver including providing action tools for attendees to use and develop during their daily work. This will aid and implement lasting results within your staff.

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