Sales Training (English)

Do your staff need to improve their “Selling Skills” and “Best Selling Practices”?

sales-training-photoIn the current ever increasingly competitive marketplace, every company needs a strong sales team in order to succeed. If you have concerns that your company is not achieving the required sales figures and expectations to ensure your company growth we are here and ready to can help.

We train corporate sales staff in a wide range of industries to ensure that your customer base grows.
Our corporate training programs have multinational businesses across the world to increase revenue by improving profit margins and establishing new income streams.

Our standardized sales approach, language, process and methodology can improve the entire effectiveness and efficiency throughout your organization.

Our training is carried out by communication experts. Therefore we have the resources to work with staff members of all English language levels. We will customise the sales training course dependent on your complete requirements also taking into account the English levels of employees who will be attending.

Our skilled team of training experts have unrivaled experience in their field and have specialized in corporate training for many years.

We are located in Shanghai, however we are able to travel in China and also overseas if you require us to. Whatever your requirements, we will create, customize and modify the ideal training plan best suited to your company operation.

Ultima are proud to have put together many sales modules, each designed to promote lasting changes in behaviour and attitude to ensure the best results in sales. You will soon be realizing the return on your corporate training investment when you choose us to help with your training requirements.

Ultima Effective Training Solutions deliver valuable tested content, focused customization, and expert facilitation to ensure we exceed your staff development needs.
Everyone is different, this includes your customers and also your staff. Our strategic courses are designed to cater for differing personality typed as well as industry needs.
Following training Ultima also work with our partner client companies to ensure continual development and growth. Our goals are focused on enhancing effectiveness for your existing staff as well as new staff members.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this course be held at our offices?
    Yes all of our courses can be held at your workplace. We also have workshops and customized training options. If you wish to know more please contact us.
  • Will I need to bring anything on the day?
    No you do not need to bring anything apart from yourself and your eagerness to learn. We will provide the rest including pens, worksheets and also lunch.
  • What if I decide to cancel? Can I receive a refund?
    Due to limited places and availability for each session, you will only be able to cancel by providing us with 2 weeks advance notice of the set date to receive a full refund however you will be able to rearrange and attend a later upcoming course by providing us with at least 72 hours notice.
  • Where are your training locations?Currently we have training locations in some of the major cities of China, Hong Kong, the UK and Ireland.

If this course is of interest to you then please contact us for more information.

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