Business English Teaching

Customised English Training Courses

Suitable for all company employees at any current level of English.
Training carried out for your staff members at your company location. Specifically targeted to improve English abilities to achieve maximum job role benefit.

We will initially consult with you to gather your company?s specific requirements. This is then followed by placing and targeting your staff into ideal learning groups before delivering the highest quality English training.

Business English

Learn how real English is spoken and used in a business environment
Practice speaking and improve pronunciation
Improve reading & writing skills
Improve English grammar
Improve conversation skills
Increase vocabulary for all situations
Increase confidence in speaking English in the workplace

Customised Classes

All in house English training will be customised specifically for your business needs. The language skills and grammar are intended to ensure that your employees apply their learning in a professional and natural way. This will build their confidence and productivity.

Dynamic Classes

We combine keys skills with practical situations during course giving you a wonderful balance of classes. As part of our Business English Courses we include roleplays and question and answer sessions as well as presentations and individual monitoring for each student. Our years of experience has given us massive experience in designing courses to suit fast paced modern language learning.

Personal Support

Our trainers is not only to teach but to provide support, encouragement, advice and feedback on progress throughout to both the attendees and also the bosses that you wish us to report to.

  • English Learning that Works for You
    Our experienced English trainers cover multiple topics and circumstances thereby providing you with essential tools and vocabulary to use in a wide variety of situations.
  • Establish a Structured Approach to Your Learning
    A key element to increasing English levels and continuing progress is to establishing a strong process structure. The more organized the process, the more effective you will become in your English speaking. We will show you how.
  • Building Confidence
    Practice makes perfect. The hands on and practical modules of this course will give you a chance to test and grow the knowledge that we share with you in a variety of scenarios. With each roleplay you will grow to feel more self-confident as you put your new found skills into practice.
  • Learn From Others
    One of the greatest benefits of our training workshop environment is the benefit of seeing how other members of your group do it also. We urge all participants to learn from eachothers accomplishments as well as their occasional errors as we all learn and grow as a course team. Discussion roleplays and debates are encouraged!
  • Understand Your Strengths & Weaknesses
    Everyone is unique. This includes your individual communication and English speaking style. Over the duration of the course we will be working with you to identify and evaluate your strengths, areas requiring improvement and also to help you understand your individual communication charm.


Frequently Asked Questions: English Training
  • What level of English do I need to attend this course?
    We cover all levels. When you contact us we will provide you with details of the courses nearest to you at your required level of English ability.
  • Can this course be held at our offices?
    Yes all of our courses can be held at your workplace. We also have workshops and customized training options. Alternatively you can attend our public courses. If you wish to know more please contact us.
  • Will I need to bring anything on the day?
    No you do not need to bring anything apart from yourself and your eagerness to learn. We will provide the rest including pens, worksheets and also lunch.
  • What if I decide to cancel? Can I receive a refund?
    Due to limited places and availability for each session, you will only be able to cancel by providing us with 2 weeks advance notice of the set date to receive a full refund however you will be able to rearrange and attend a later upcoming course by providing us with at least 72 hours notice.
  • Where are your training locations?
    Currently we have training locations in many locations of Shanghai. Contact us to find the closest to you

If this course is of interest to you then please contact us for more information.

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